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Using Hero Kids




Using Hero Kids.

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It was recently pointed out to me that most solo role-playing appealed to GMs, as they were already used to improvising and creating content on the fly. Players are more used to improvising from prompts within the context of a scene. This is the ‘What do you do?” question. This solo book is aimed at players, although GMs can use it just as easily. In creating a solo adventure it offers questions about the location, scenes, and encounters to encourage the solo player to engage with their version of any Hero Kids setting. A number of d6 tables aid the process of creating a spontaneous adventure.

These solo rules suggest a structure for each adventure that takes you from an event to engage your character, the plot hook, through to a final showdown with a villain, and a return home. At each stage, you will be asked questions about your character and the scene. Once you start solo role-playing you will just use the rules from Hero Kids (required to play). This is not a ‘module’ or numbered paragraph adventure. You will be improvising the entire adventure as you go.

Part of the inspiration for this set of solo rules came from this blog post: which also uses Hero Kids as a simple starting solo game system.

The entire contents of this supplement are available in the full-size preview. Please take a look and make sure you think you can play this way or are prepared to give it a go. Solo role-playing can be extremely satisfying and challenging, in a good way.

These rules require Hero Kids to be used and are not intended to be used by young children, they are designed for role-players who want to try solo role-play and use Hero Kids as a simple system to get started with.

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