A Lonely Knave


A Lonely Knave is one page, both sides, solo roleplay extension to Knave by Ben Milon.

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A Lonely Knave is one page, both sides, solo roleplay extension to Knave by Ben Milon (Questing Beast Games).

It uses the same Knave mechanics, it strives for the same look and feel, and it plays the same way.

There are some intrinsic elements of Knave that made it perfect for solo playing.

High compatibility with OSR games. You can use any OSR bestiaries, adventures and spell books, little or no conversion is needed to use them with Knave.

Fast to learn, easy to play. If you have solo played using any oracle system, you will pick this up instantly.

No classes. Every PC is a Knave, a tomb-raiding, adventure-seeking ne’er-do-well who wields a spell book just as easily as a blade. This is an ideal system for players who like their solo games to be wide-ranging and open-ended.

Player-facing rolls. Knave was built with player-facing rolls as an option. This means that in solo play you do not need to play both sides of the combat. Your character attacks and you roll the attack when your character is defending you roll to avoid being hit. It is all you, from your perspective.

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License: You are free to share and adapt this material for any purpose, including commercially, as long as you give attribution.


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