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Theatre Of The Mind

We are pleased to announce a new product line. These are our Theatre Of The Mind adventures. Each one is a detailed plot hook that can be used with any game system. The adventures themselves are system agnostic. Detailed descriptions of NPCs, monsters and magic items are given but the actual game system mechanics are left to you. You can choose the power level to suit your game.

Some Theatre Of The Mind adventures are simple, interesting one off encounters other may evolve into story threads that can run though your game for some time should you wish.

You can find all the adventures on RPGnow.

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Coming Soon – Grimm Sword ‘The Few’

Grimm Sword is a new Fantasy RPG based upon Open Ended D100 rolls. Open Ended Rolls means that if you roll 01-05 then you roll again and take the result away, or roll 96-00 and you roll again and add the result. There is no upper or lower limit to the total dice roll and no limit to the possibilities.

Grimm Sword ‘The Few’ is the character creation manual for this new game. Think of it as you will as the Players’ Handbook for the game system. The PDF version is due for release this month (November 2016).

More details soon…