Author vs Non Authoring

I spent this afternoon playing the new edition of Chivalry & Sorcery (5th Edition) and using my regular oracle methods, customised to the rules.

This evening I played using my non-authoring spreadsheet.

Roland the Ruffian met a bloody death in the end at the feet of a mountain troll. It could have been worse, the troll was fleeing from a dragon…

This evening I was searching for the hooded man, before meeting up with a mercenary who somehow knew many of the detail I had only learned the previous evening. Further, this mercenary had the hooded man in chains in the basement under a guild hall in the city.

Playing them back to back allowed me to directly compare the play styles.


This was much faster, meaning it also felt much more dynamic. It also leaned more towards a mix of exploration and combat.


Maybe it is because the prompts never suggested it but there was never that push towards a conflict. I cannot blame the system for being slow while I am so inexperienced.

Not leaping into battle is not a bad thing. I suspect that had I wanted it I could probably have found an excuse for a fight. I cannot remember all the snippets.

I certainly would not choose to solo play exclusively through cut-up and Non-Authoring. But, I also want to keep it up. It is different, at the moment it is not better, or worse, just different.

One the lone wolf discord we have talked about a variety of tools and options. It seems like Non-Authoring is always going to come with an overhead. That could be dependence on a computer to use spreadsheets, a ‘net connection to use AI Dungeon, or a substantial bulk of text.

Authoring can be as light weight as a coin toss or looking out the window (I often use an I spy… method where I look for an object and then word associate around its named until I get something that answers my question).

What I find interesting is that I am writing much more down while Non-Authoring than when authoring. The generated texts are more complex and convey more information, my contributions then become longer in response. When playing solo normally I can play for hours and only generate a page of bullet points.

I notice that AI dungeon comes up frequently. When I last looked at it it was bearly functional. I will take a look at that tomorrow, just for completeness.

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