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Savage Intent

I got to play Savage Worlds last night.

I am in my favourite part of writing the solo rules. I play, I refine and I play again. Just working out what works and what doesn’t and always trying to make it better.

By ‘better’ I mean ‘more fun’.

If you know your Savage Worlds Adventure Edition I can tell you that I am using both the Creative Combat and Dumb Luck options and the More Skill Points, which is supposed to be for modern settings but I am applying it across the board.

I said yesterday in my Maze Rat post that I am not a massive fan of excessive dice rolling. In my Savage Worlds Solo GB I have used an approach where the yes-no closed question oracle runs on dice but the open questions use a deck of cards. This has been quite fun to play. If I was arty in any way then a custom deck would be amazing.

My first instinct was to use a tarot deck. Tarot use 78 cards, 22 major and 56 minor. Combining those would give a fairly broad ranging oracle. The more I read into the tarot, the more it was obvious that to just pull out bits of tarot for what I wanted was to miss the point of the tarot deck, to use it properly would be massively too slow for solo playing.

Instead of Tarot cards I have built a deck of 52 cards. It only really requires attaching a meaning for each standard card in a poker deck. Draw a card and shuffle on a joker.

That simple separation of dice for closed and cards for open is playing really nicely.

I am also quite keen on the reference sheets provided in the rulebook. I don’t know Savage Worlds well enough yet to remember what each edge, trait or hinderance does.

Tomorrow is video blog day, but by Thursday I hope to have a bit more to show you from my Savage Worlds solo book.

Do you play Savage Worlds?

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