Solo Role Playing Engine Android App




This is a first edition of our Sole RPG engine. This time in App form.

If you want to help with the testing then please download the android package and give us some feedback on the forums.

Alternative Download Link:

Some people have said that the zip file cannot be opened on their mobile device. If you have that problem then please use this alternative download link directly to the package file itself. Download.

This app is and always will be free. If you would like to support its development then please feel free to:

Note: If you download this directly to your phone it will warn you about installing apps from untrusted sources. You will need to agree to that.

Note: There is no permissions warning because this app is entirely self contained and does not use anything else on your phone and does not require or use any other information and does not connect to the internet. This means that it has no way of giving any feedback so you will have to do that manually via the forum. It also means that you are not tracked or recorded in any way.

The Solo Engine in wide screen view



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