Sagas of Midgard Solo Rules

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The Sagas of Midgard Solo Rules are great for Skalds trying to test out an interesting idea for an adventure, or for those who aren’t able to find a regular group to play. Featuring 23 pages of supplementary rules, there’s never been a better time to jump in and begin writing your Saga!

The Sagas of Midgard Solo Rules require a Sagas of Midgard Corebook to play.

From the foreword:

The rules in the supplement are for solo role playing using Sagas of Midgard. Unless you are already interested in solo role play the most common reaction is “Aren’t role playing games meant to be a social thing?” The answer is of course yes, they are but that simply isn’t always possible. These days the lines are rather blurred anyway. People don’t think twice about playing an RPG as a video game. Solo role play replaces the limited AI built into video games with a infinite possibilities that you can come up with as a human being.

Solo play is great for “no prep” games. As long as you can answer the question “Why did that happen?” then an adventure could start anywhere. An over heard conversation, a random stranger in the street. You glance at a stranger and the next second you are fighting for your life. Why did that happen? Who sent the assassin? Where did they come from? Any and all of these questions lead straight into a new adventure. The beauty is of course that all of us would answer those same questions differently and so we would all embark on our own unique adventures and write our own saga.


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